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Why Oakary?
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Connect you to English/ESL Online teaching partners and Teaching Abroad in local schools in China, South Korea, Taiwan, Spain, Vietnam, and more!

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We take our work seriously when selecting educational partners and finding companies where teachers can excel and enjoy the teaching experience.

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100% free for candidates. We support you through the entire hiring process. 

Our selected quality teachers had empowered the excellency of many educational institutes. 

Interview with School

Schools will arrange interviews with you if it is a good match and you can decide if you want to move forward with the opportunities.

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Tell us your teaching preferences and qualification,  we'll match you with the opportunities based on the criteria and connect you with the schools.

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Once you pass the interview, demo, trial class, then you're officially hired to teach!

How it Works?
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Why Teach English Online?
Flexible Hours

Hours are flexible with alignment with China's time zone.

Luckily, China has only a single time zone (UTC +8h).

Teach Anywhere You Are

Teach from anywhere Online in the world as long as you have great Internet access. 

Great Pay

Part-time US$16~25 per hour while enjoy teaching English to kids or help college students excel English exam?

No Experience? No Problem!

You don’t need an English degree nor prior teaching experience to teach English! We'll connect you to the platform that offers basic training and will onboard you with the teaching process. You will learn as you teach!

Class Types

The age varies from kindergarten, K12, college prep, to business professionals in one-on-one or small one-to-many settings.

A typical class runs for 25~45 min per session. 

Why Teach English Abroad?
Travel the World

Teaching English abroad is a great way to be adventurous and be exposed to foreign countries like China and all over the world. Learn from difficult cultures and global economy to expand your horizon. 

Great Pay

Part time or Full time can pay around US$2,000~3,200 per month in major cities like Shanghai, Beijing, Taipei, Seoul, Tokyo, etc.

No Experience? No Problem!

You don’t need an English degree nor prior teaching experience to teach English! If you're advantageous and open-hearted to welcome new things then you're on the right spot to teach English abroad!

Depending on the position you're applying for. Schools usually require teachers to have minimal a Bachelor's degree or Associate degree with TEFL/TESOL certificate.  

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