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Tailored Recruiting Solutions 

We are with you! Our mission is to help you to mitigate the hiring pain of long interview process and low success rate by introducing a better matching algorithm and pre-selecting process that tailored to your hiring goals. 

Experienced Teachers

Experienced teachers with offline/on-site and online English/ESL teaching experience and certified with TEFL/TESOL/CELTA. 

Native English Speaker

We have great number of teacher candidates from US/UK/Australia/South Africa/New Zealand/Canada. 


我們與你在同一陣線! 我們的初衷是源於改善並理解人資在招聘的痛點,致力於減輕冗長又繁瑣的招聘流程。透過改進配對邏輯並且預先篩選過人選,進而增加面試的成功率。而非傳統式費時的在大量簡歷中萬中選一。


各種類型的教師來應對你的教學需求。許多擁有多年線上或線下英文及 ESL 教育經驗的高品質教師。多數擁有 TEFL/TESOL/CELTA 的認證。



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