6 Important Questions to Ask during an Online English Teaching Job Interview

Updated: Jun 23, 2018

It could be very overwhelming if you just started the English teaching job whether for Online English ESL teaching platform in China or onsite job in foreign countries. Here’re some tips to help you understand better about the Online English teaching position. Your teaching experience would highly depends on the education company and institute that you work with. Especially some critical factors like salary expectation (base salary, bonus, etc), pay schedule, etc. Ask the right questions can save you from many bad loopholes and unpleasant situations.

What Questions to ask during the Interview?

1. Class Schedule

  • What is the class schedule in local time?

  • Is there a minimal peak hour requirement? (typical ones are 9am~12pm and 5pm~11pm local time)

  • How many hours per day or week is expected?

  • Is it a fixed or flexible schedule? How about the extended hours?

2. Compensation

  • What is the base wage or salary?

  • How long is per class session? Class Session can range from 25 min to an hour.

  • How will I be compensated for extra hours?

  • Is there training?

3. Class Curriculum

  • Is there a set class curriculum to teach with supplementary materials (teaching guideline, teaching materials, etc)?

  • What are the expectation for class preparation? Is it part of the working hours or outside?

  • If there is no set curriculum, then what kind of teaching preparation is expected?

4. Class Type

  • Size of the class could range from one-on-one, one-to-many, or one-to-too-many.

  • Age group: preschool, K12, college students, adult

  • Level: beginner, intermediate, advanced, college prep, business professionals, etc

5. Onboarding Process and Training

  • How is onboarding training arranged?

  • How long is the training session?

  • Is training compensated?

6. Resources and Support

  • What kind of resources and support are available? i.e. technical issues, teacher & student relationship, etc.

  • Is there any professional development or internal growth opportunities?

  • What kind of expectations does company have for the English teachers? How do you measure the teachers’ performance?

Beyond questions, it would be a great idea to do some homework on learning the company you’re applying for. For example, search on Google to see how’s the feedback and review about the institute, get information from Facebook groups, or even reach out to the current teachers who work there to see what’s it like to work there.

The better the clarity in expectation and outlines would help you avoid or at least mitigated the unexpected, especially online teaching is typically running outside of your home country. The questions will give you insight into the education institute itself and the level of professionalism. Good or experienced teaching companies are usually upfront with those questions and clear about their policies and procedures. So don’t be scared with all the uncertainties. Just ask the right questions, enjoy the teaching, and start making extra money!

If you’re excited and ready to apply for the online English job, here is the link https://oakary.com/apply.

Good luck on your English teaching journey!

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