A Guide to Online TEFL Certification

Updated: Jul 9, 2018

A Guide to Online TEFL Certification

TEFL/TESOL certification opens the door to teaching English Online or abroad opportunities to the world. However, TEFL courses are not created equal, the quality, content, end goals of a course can vary drastically from one provider to another. The focuses of the programs range from getting you started with Online English teaching, teaching abroad in classroom setting, to comprehensive university program that covers applicable theory in linguistics and in second language development, methods in teaching and beyond.


Online TEFL/TESOL certification courses can present a mind-boggling range of pricing, from $39 Groupon deals, $1500 Online courses, to nearly $3,000 courses offered by universities. Groupon deals that seem too good to be true likely are, but depending where you're going to teach, some on Groupon work for Online English teaching, but remember to get the one with 120+ hrs and do some research if the schools you want to teach accept those certification. The average 120+ hour self-study online course with some assistance are typically cost somewhere around $500.

There are also many courses out there that cost $1,500 or more are often associated with universities with college credit. Those university courses are often for higher education like Master degree in Education or for teachers who are pursuing more advanced teaching in teaching English to foreign students. Here is an sophisticated college program TESL/TEFL course offered by UCLA extension, which is focusing on the individuals who wish to teach English abroad and non-native English speakers and foreign teachers who wish to teach English in their native countries.

For the majority of people who teach English Online or teaching abroad, a standard 120+ hours TEFL course is plenty qualified.

Minimal Requirements When Choose a Program

1. At least 100 hours of coursework and training

TEFL courses are offered in a range between 20 hours to over 200 hours. A 100-hour certificate is typically recognized as a qualified length of training. Oakary, as a recruiting agency, is working many teaching platforms and schools in China and Taiwan. Take one of our teaching partners in Shanghai, China as an example. A 120+ TEFL course with about 6~8 hours of observed and graded onsite classroom teaching practice is required in order to obtained Z working Visa to work in Shanghai legally. Which is especially the case if you don’t have 2 years of prior teaching experience.

2. TEFL course Accreditation

Accreditation offers you an assurance of the quality of TEFL training and allows prospective employer about your training credential. However, the validity of the TEFL/TESOL accreditation is bit tricky, because there is no single unified accrediting body for TEFL courses, some do not even have accreditations at all. TEFL courses are measured by external accreditation agencies such as TQUK, ACCET, IATQuO or universities such as CELTA by Cambridge University (UCLES) and Trinity CertTESOL. Learn more accreditation in great details.

3. In person practice teaching and observation in classroom settings

Many Online TEFL certificate does not offer classroom in-person training. However, the onsite practice with teaching instructor is a very crucial part of any teacher training in order to prepare you as a teacher to be ready in real classroom settings.

Getting Hired

English language institute look at a number of factors when hiring teachers. If you are a new teacher without experience, and you hold a bachelor’s degree (in any subject), 100+ hours TEFL certification without at least a year of teaching experience, then earning TEFL certification is a great deal for helping you to land a teaching job sooner. Some of Oakary’s teaching partners do not require TEFL certificate to be hired, but would require teacher to complete the certification within 3 months from the date started teaching. Visit Online teaching and teaching abroad opportunities with Oakary.

Which Online TEFL Provider to Choose From?

Here are Online TEFL certification program with accreditation and 100+ training hours.

International TEFL Academy

  • Certifying over 3,500 English educators in over 25 locations around the world and online.

  • Offer Online TEFL courses and additional 6~20 hrs of Onsite classroom practice.

  • Internationally accredited by several respected organizations.

  • Courses are all taught by experienced university instructors.

  • A small class size per instructor and interactive curriculum ensures that all online TEFL candidates receive nothing but the finest instruction.

  • Career guidance and placement assistance for online certification holders.

  • Request free brochure

  • Use the discount code OAKARY to receive $50 off of Online TEFL Course tuition. Course registration


  • Enrollment in a myTEFL course also gives back to a good cause. With every new participant, a donation is made to several causes, such as buying livestock for a rural community or sponsoring a child’s education.

  • Offer Online and Onsite classroom TEFL Courses

  • Length: Short Courses (40-100 hours) and Standard (120-140 hours)

  • Accreditation: Online TEFL and TESOL Standards Agency (OTTSA)

  • Accreditation: International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language (IATEFL)

International TEFL and TESOL Training (ITTT)

  • Choose to add on tutor support to enhance your course feedback and interaction

  • Offer both Online and onsite in-class courses.

  • In-class at over 30 locations worldwide.

  • ITTT Online courses range from introductory, full 120-hour TEFL courses, advanced Diploma course to specialized certificates in teaching young learners and business English.

  • ITTT accreditation from the Online TESOL and TEFL Standards Agency.

Bridge TEFL

  • Certify over 3,000 graduates each year with great varieties of TEFL certifications

  • Nearly 30 years of experience in TEFL

  • Online 120 hours TEFL Certification

  • Onsite classroom TEFL Certification: Bridge 4-week, full time TEFL course that gives trainees the chance to teach real EFL students from partnered centers worldwide.

  • Accreditation: accredited by Accrediting Council for Continuing Education and Training (ACCET) since 1998.

Premier TEFL

  • All course options by Premier TEFL are well over 100 hours.

  • Full time job, internship, or short-term teaching experiences.

  • Combine online course with additional onsite, location-specific development to specialize toward your target region.

  • Accreditation: Training centre with TQUK


TEFLPros is a fully accredited 120-hour online TEFL certification course. With over 40 hours of video and one-on-one support from a teacher trainer, our course is unlike any other online course. Like all of our graduates teaching around the world, you will feel fully prepared to begin your EFL career after completing the TEFLPros course. Here’s a quick video of TEFLPros

  • 120 hours of online instruction

  • Accreditation by Accreditat (U.K. Register of Learning Providers)

  • 40+ hours of video

  • Individual support from a teacher trainer to help with your lesson plans

  • Interview and Resume guide

  • e-Book of 101 activities for the TEFL classroom

  • Use the discount code OAKARY to receive $100 off of Online TEFL Course tuition.

Learn more how can Oakary land you job

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