Why Teach English Online?

Updated: Apr 19, 2018

English teaching has always been an important part of education in modern history. The combination of the raise of the Internet speed, advancing in video chat quality over the Internet, and increased awareness and education level in China. The Online English teaching is now a billions dollars industry in China. Some of the advantages of online teaching could be very apparent, relatively flexible schedules with minimal weekly commitment, part time, good pay (some are up to USD $25 with bonus), work from home, relatively steady income as working for part time job which is great for ones are traveling and work or stay home parents and beyond. Few disadvantages are that lack of physical interaction that all we human desire and time zone differences could be a problem for some. Working for platform companies will typically require a minimal weekly commitment for a period of at least 3 to 6 months depending on the program, especially during peak hours.

Most companies provides their own class curriculum and teaching materials and some preparation on your side. The teaching is delivered over laptop or tablet with good Internet connection and good microphone and speaker are critical as well.

Class Sizes

There are typically few different session-types

a. One-on-one: the teacher and a student.

b. Small Groups: around 2-6 students

C. Group Lesson: 20~25 students per classroom

Class Levels

Student can roughly divided into few categories, preschooler (age 3~6), K12 (elementary and middle schools), high school, college prep, to business professionals as adults. Most online English teaching platforms are specialized in specific one or multiple categories of students and demographic. Here are some examples, SinceWin only teach preschoolers ages 3~6; VIPKID focus on teaching for children ages 3~12; DadaABC focuses on ages 4~16; 51Talk conduct from K12, college prep, to adults; some like Hujiang focuses on college exam preparation and even teach multiple languages.

Here are class levels

- General English: help students with their English via class teaching materials

- Examination preparation: college entry exam for foreign students, such as IELTS, TOEFL, or Cambridge proficiency. College exams like SAT, GRE, etc.

- Business professional: focus on topics pertaining to business conversation, business writing, presentations, some also emphasize on particular subject matters or industry.

How Many Hours will I spend on teaching English online?

The beauty of teaching English online is that you have relatively flexible hours and the schedule. While some online teaching companies may require you to teach a minimal number of work hours and cover the peak hour traffic, but you can decide to teaching a few hours per week or turn it into a full time job with 40+ hours per week.

Due to the nature of the school and business working hours, the available hours for students is typically range from 4pm~10pm, with peak hours 6pm~10pm. Furthermore, since platforms have different focuses on the age group, therefore you often will teach in a specific period of time with a teaching platform. For example, VIPKID/DataABC/51Talk will require high volume of teachers from 6pm~10pm, but they might not have class or enough class for the off peak hours in the morning or early afternoon. Teaching platforms generally will not nor cannot ask for exclusivity for working for one platform. As a result, you can look for another teaching platform like SinceWin which teach students from 9am~12pm. A good complementary hours give you a full time like job. However, platform often requires a 6-month or up to a year minimum contract commitment. So choose and plan wisely!

How Much Money can I Make Teaching English Online?

The hourly rate is often depends on the teacher’s teaching experience and factors like level of qualifications in certification, native/non-native, etc. Generally speaking, online English teachers typically earn around $15~$25 USD per hour, which is usually paid every month or bi-weekly. However, I’ll highly recommend you check with the HR of the teaching platform for the detailed and precise Online Teaching compensation directly.

What are the Common Requirements for Teaching English Online?

Online English teaching has less strict requirements compare to onsite English teaching [https://www.oakary.com/blog/8-things-to-know-for-teaching-english-in-china-and-taiwan]. However, that said, here are some common basic prerequisites,

- A Bachelor’s Degree or currently pursuing one

Here are highly preferred factors will give you an edge finding a job,

- A TEFL/TESOL/CELTA Certification

- Native speaking capability or natural North American accent

- Teaching experience

- Understanding of United States educational system or teaching methodology (this is particular important for onsite, but perhaps less applicable to online class)

Which Online English Platform to Work with?

There are many, many, many of them out there. Here are some major distinctions among them might help you deciding which platform to work with,

  • Hourly rate - average $15~$25 USD, but could also range from $10~$40

  • Class duration - range from 25-min to 90 min (40 min session + 10 min break + 40 min session)

  • Class level - preschool, K12 (elementary, middle, high school), college prep, adult, etc.

  • Class size - one-on-one, small group 4~6, mid size group 10~20, to large group 20+

  • Minimal hour commitment per week - range from 2 to 8 hours

  • Training - onboarding and ongoing teacher training. Paid vs. unpaid training.

  • Class hours - morning 9am~12pm, evening 3~7pm, night 7~11pm. Depending on the timezone you located, morning and night time class in Beijing/Taiwan are good time for US in general.

  • Time zone - no worry, the entire China and Taiwan are in the same time zone, UTC +08:00.

Here’re more information about the platforms and English Teaching in China and Taiwan.

Application Process

Oakary is here to help you with the process and connect you to wide varieties of platforms and opportunities. We also provide consultation for the job candidates for questions like interview process and advices free of charge.

  1. Fill in the application https://oakary.com/apply

  2. We’ll either connect you to the HR of the specific platform specified or we will also try to match with the similar role you desired. You can also leave your application in the database so we’ll able to reach out to you if new opportunities open up. Some teachers only work for one platform, but many do mix and match with multiple platforms to fill up the spare time slot.

  3. HR will reach out to you for interview if it’s a good match. HR will walk you through the process with their process. However, you’re alway welcome to contact us at support@oakary.com for help or feedback!

Good luck on your English teaching journey!

If you’re excited and ready to apply for the online English job, here is the link https://oakary.com/apply.

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