Why Teaching English Abroad in Taiwan for HESS?

Updated: Dec 4, 2018

Travel in Asia while Earning

Travel while financing it with well-paying TEFL teaching jobs and get expose the world! Teaching in Taiwan is great as Taiwan offers some of the most amazing sights and activities in Asia. Furthermore, it’s a central location to take a quick flight to China, Japan, Korea, Thailand, and the rest of Southeast Asia.


HESS is based in Taipei, Taiwan with many branches classrooms throughout the country. They employ more than 600+ native English-speaking teachers in 250+ HESS schools across Asia, including Taiwan, China, South Korea, and Singapore. Great flexibility and options to expand to travel to different branches!

Class Structure

HESS Pre-school

Age 2-3

1/2 day English, 1/2 day Chinese

These students are very young and need lots of personal attention.

Social Interaction and vital self-help skills. pronunciation

Age 4-6

1/2 day English, 1/2 day Chinese

Children are encouraged to speak only English, creating an English immersion environment.

Theme-based learning. English and Chinese lessons mirror each other.

Age 4-6

Full day English

Allowing children to fully adapt to Western learning styles.

Subject matter in English. Very similar to the learning style of your home country.

HESS Language School

Age 7-14

2 hour English class, 3 times a week.


interactive and lively with lots of games and activities that allow students to use their language skills in a natural way.

Age 7-14

2 hour English class, 4 times a week.

Advanced students.

This curriculum spends less time explicitly teaching English and more time teaching subjects in English. Art, math, science, literature, cooking.

Age 7-14

2 hour English class, 2 times a week.

Students are just starting with English.

The foreign teacher and Taiwanese teacher take turns teaching the class. This is a traditional style ESL course that focuses on speaking, reading, writing, and listening.

HESS English Language School 何嘉仁

Many Many Great Benefits


  • Base pay of NT $620/hour

  • Starting pay up to NT $660/hour based on experience and qualifications

  • Yearly raise up to NT $40/hour based on overall yearly review.

  • Ceiling pay of NT $800/hour

Guaranteed Hours

  • Minimum of 20 teaching hours per week

  • The average for a HESS teacher is 25–26 hours per week

Year-end Bonuses:

  • 1st year resigning bonus of NT $10,000

  • 2nd year completion bonus of NT $15,000

  • 3rd year completion bonus of NT $20,000

  • 4th year and beyond completion bonus of NT $30,000

Prep-work Stipend:

  • Receive NT $3000/month for class preparation work. You decide when and where to prepare for class—it doesn’t have to be at the school

Vacation & Travel:

  • 7 days unpaid sick leave; 14 days unpaid vacation

  • 1 month vacation in between renewing contracts

  • Your vacation time is not tied to the school's semester schedule; take time off whenever you need it

Teacher Training:

  • 10 days of orientation and training in Taipei followed by class observations at your assigned school ensure you are up to the task of leading students

  • Main Office follow-up trainings in the 1st, 3rd, and 6th months of first year

Free TEFL Certification:

  • Earn a TEFL certificate after completing HESS' initial and follow-up trainings in first-year contract

Documents Support:

  • HESS-sponsored resident visa and work permit

  • Document staff handles all documents for teachers

  • National health insurance (appx. NT $300-500/month)

Housing Assistance:

  • Stay at our partnership hotel free of charge during the initial 10-day training period

  • Your branch will help you find an apartment that meets your needs after training

Healthcare in Taiwan

Teaching jobs for HESS in Taiwan offers FULL healthcare and dental in exchange for ONLY 13% average contribution from your paycheck each month! (This is far better deal than being in the US for sure). Not saying it’s a great idea, but dropping by the ER for a visit only pay around US$10 for minor issues and get a full week’s prescription of medicine from the clinic for US$4!

Tax rates start at 18% and drop to 5% mid-year. Hospitals in Taiwan are state-of-the-art and run by some of the best physicians in the world.

Teacher Qualification

  • Native-level English speaker

  • Passport holder from USA, CAN, UK, IRE, SA, AUS, or NZ

  • Bachelor's degree (in any discipline) OR associate degree with a TEFL/TESOL certificate

  • Min One-year commitment

How to Apply?

Please submit application via Oakary

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About HESS

Founded in 1983, HESS International Educational Group is the one of the largest and most recognized private language schools in Taiwan. They employ more than 600+ native English-speaking teachers in 250+ HESS schools across Asia, including Taiwan, China, South Korea, and Singapore. hesseducation.com

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