Why Teaching English Online for iTutorGroup?

Updated: Jun 7, 2018

Teach VIPABC anywhere and anytime!

Teaching Adult

iTutorGroup is a fairly large English teaching institute, especially in China, Japan, and Taiwan regions, which is especially great if you’re interested about teaching adult where you can learn more about the East Asian culture or learn Chinese and Japanese from your business professionals students! iTutorGroup is the only few institute that offer adult English lessons.

Guaranteed Peak Hours

A key benefit that iTutorGroup offers that many don’t is the Guaranteed Peak Hours, therefore the minimal commitment to work for iTutorGroup is 7 hours during the weekday and 3 hours during the weekend. There is no cap of the maximum hours you can teach, plus their additional teaching hour incentive, you can earn even more by teaching more hours. On top of that, iTutorGroup has flexible class schedule which opening 24/7, which mean you can teach student anytime instead of crammed into few hours of time slot. The pay is monthly basis.

Fixed Rate vs. Base Rate + Bonus

First and foremost, one of the most important recent update is that iTutorGroup removed the pay structure that is strongly related to the students’ ratings, which means it is now Fixed Rate instead of conditional base pay rate. No more worry about losing a bonus because student forget to give you a rating after a class! As a result, greater and more guarantee pay with Fix Rate pay structure instead of base pay with conditions. Depending on your teaching experience and qualification, the pay rate can be up to $24 per hour.

However, there's a catch. Fix rate ONLY apply to candidates from US/UK/Canada, others are still subject to the dynamic rate (base rate + bonus). Regarding to the bonus calculation, the session bonus is associated with both the rating given by the clients and the number of clients in a session. In plain English, more students taught in one session and higher ratings yield greater pay. Consultants are reevaluated for base rate increase related to the performance and time contribution on monthly basis.

Be Aware of the Hourly Rate

Note that there're several variable would affect your hourly rate,

1. Teaching experience

2. The total earning per session = Fixed Rate (US/UK/Canada) or Base Hourly Rate + Bonus (the rest of the world)

3. The pay depends on the region you live and where you from. The hourly rate is more favorable for teachers from US/UK/Canada.

iTutorGroup does NOT have the most competitive hourly rate especially for candidates outside US/UK/Canada and it does have many conditions to watch out for. However, you can certainly have it to fill up your time slot teaching adults or off peak hours on top of your peak hour with other schools.

Remember to ask HR at iTutorGroup during your first interview to avoid the confusion and misconception.

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Class Structure

Since iTutorGroup covers many its branches, from VIPABC, TutorABC, VIPJr, and TutorJr. It gets bit confusing which students and materials you’re teaching for. Here is a briefing, there’s no differences when you first interview for the job, but HR will learn from your teaching preferences and skill sets to allocate you with different English level of students and whether you teach either children or adult or both. There are 12 different English levels for both children and adult classes. For example, with labeling of “Jr” then you will have opportunity to teach age 5-18.

Adult class:

  • 45-min session.

  • 1~6 students.

  • Level 4~12.

Children class:

  • 25-min session.

  • One-on-one teaching.

  • Level 1~11.

About iTutorGroup

iTutorGroup had been around since 1998, which is the one of largest education platforms with products English language learning product including iTutor, TutorABC, VIPJr, VIPABC, TutorJr, TutorMing (teach Chinese). www.itutorgroup.com

Interview Tips

Here’s a demo video that you might find helpful for teaching children at iTutorGroup.

If you are interested in teaching Adults only, then feel free to skip it.

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