Why Teaching English Online for Landi?

Updated: May 27, 2018

Class Structure

The content materials are mainly focus on the children’s English education, age 5~12. Where student size range from one-on-one to two. Two type of classes, regular and trial classes. Minimal 12 hours commitment in 3 days per week.

Landi also has some teaching materials update, Landi English 2.0 course, where it emphasize on Peer Study teaching philosophy, combined with "situationalization," "interaction," and "game mechanics", which largely motivate students to learn so as to improve their class performance.

Great Culture

Many great reviews about the support and HR team, great support, open minded, positive, character building within the company and very sufficient by meeting protocols and standards. Training within the company is incredibly good and fixed by schedule.

They'll help you with everything from using the teaching platform to knowing your students, from child development to ESL teaching methodology.

HR at Landi also greatly respect your valuable time, they have quick Interview process as only one interview and demo is conducted instead of multiple ones.

Interview Process

The entire interview process will be finished within a week or two the most. If your qualification meet school’s need, then interview invitation will be sent. Both interview and contract work will happen within an hour, and followed by training and mock sessions which consist of 4 hours in a different date, then orientation to make sure you’re ready to go out to the world and teach!

Teacher Qualification

Teacher qualification is bit strict on US/UK/Canada only.

How to Apply?

Apply Here via Oakary

Interview Tips

Here are some resourceful videos for Landi’s interview.

Landi Demo Example + Interview Tips from teacher Reece

Demo Videos

Videos from Landi channel on Youtube

Useful Tips

6 Important Questions to Ask during an Online English Teaching Job Interview How to Expedite the Interview Process and Get a Job Sooner?

About Landi English

Landi subsidiary founded in 2017, from the parent company ABC360 found in 2015, and based in Hangzhou, China. www.landi.com

Landi English is developed with an immersive teaching system, based on CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning), aiming to positively transform Chinese students’ English learning patterns with content language learning, from kindergarten to high school level. By adopting the student-centered teaching method Peer Study throughout the whole teaching system, Landi has revolutionized real-time online courses from traditional one on one to one on more.

By adopting Harvard professor Eric Mazur's peer instruction(PI) teaching method, Landi has revolutionized Chinese online education industry.

Landi conducted extensive tests on different types of classes with the purpose of providing children the best teaching experience. We choose small class based on scientific marketing research and we believe it is more suitable for online English learning for Chinese kids.

About Oakary

Beyond job matching as a recruiting agency, Oakary assist you as a job candidate along the hiring process with interview tips and communication with the HR. Furthermore, we also providing support to teachers got hired by our teaching partners to nurture trustworthy relationships and strong community, English Teaching Resources and Jobs. Please feel free to reach out and join the community whether you need help with communication with the HR, class materials, news update, or anything beyond!

Looking forward to see you in the community and come visit our job posts!

Let us know if you any question! info@oakary.com

Landi Curriculum

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