Why Teaching English Online for SinceWin?

Updated: May 8, 2018

SinceWin 新學問 Online English teaching!

There are many many Online teaching school out there in China, it can get frustrating and rising concern about the validity of a company. Many probably curious about Online English educational institute like SinceWin, it's a fairly new company and established in 2017.

SinceWin focuses on Online English teaching for children age 3~6 in kindergarten. The benefit of having SinceWin under your belt because they provide teachers with greater predictability in class scheduling, instead hoping and gambling for students to sign up for your class week after week. At SinceWin, you're working with a 16 weeks engagement and 2 classes per week with the kindergarten instead. So once you secure a teaching position after a trial class with a kindergarten, you will be teaching for the next 16 weeks and likely to continuous engagement if you perform well. Plus there's NO Max cap on how many class teacher can teach per week.

The process is like this, 1. You'll run a trial class for a preschool/kindergarten 2. If the school like to continue with you, then you'll enter a contract of 32 classes (2 classes per week for total 16 weeks) or 40 classes (2 regular classes per week and one additional class every other week for total 16 weeks) with the school. If you perform well, then the school will continue and renew the contract before the current one is over. 3. If you perform well, SinceWin will also refer you to more schools, which means more classes to teach!

Class Engagement Two program engagement duration

- "Regular" 32 classes - 2 classes per week for total 16 weeks

- "Extended" 40 classes - 2 classes per week with 8 additional classes for total 16 weeks.

Class Schedule

The class are offered in Beijing Time.

Mon-Fri: 9am~9pm

Sat-Sun: 9am~6pm

Class Size

Two type of classes, large group consist of 20~25 children and small group with 3~5 children.

- Large group: Weekday Only. 9am~6pm.

- Small group: Weekday after 6pm and Weekend 9am~6pm.

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Support Groups on Facebook English Teaching Resources and Jobs

SinceWin Teachers group

Sample Teaching Curriculum

- Teachers - an Online teacher and a in classroom assistance teacher

- Teaching aids - realia like hand puppets, headwear, flash cards, songs, etc.

- Teaching sample - Greeting song with puppet (5 min), lead in (3 min), learning materials (10 min), review materials (5 min), Goodbye song (2 min).

About SinceWin

SinceWin Educational Tech Co., Ltd. Registered as a Beijing, China company focuses on Online English teaching for children age 3~6 in kindergarten. Established in 2017. www.xinxuewen.cn

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SinceWin Teaching Songs and Resources

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