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Learning Management System

Teacher job platform and Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to make your teacher hiring process easier.

The Class and Course management system by Oakary helps you with the class arrangement, virtual classroom setups, course delivery, student and teacher management, and more

Looking for Recruiting and Learning Management System?
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Improved learning experience through the good management system, student-teacher communication, homework assignment, reminders, etc

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The course management system by Oakary allows you to manage your education business efficiently, from the class arrangement, marketing, user management, and beyond. 

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Sophisticated Recruitment Solutions through teacher job platform and hiring channels, automated ATS help you find quality teachers quickly

How it Works?
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Oakary ATS console sample 1

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Oakary ATS console sample 3

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oakary console email template

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Educational Institutes Recruit through Oakary
One-Stop Recruitment Solution
Application Tracking System (ATS)

The ATS by Oakary allows you to find online teachers or teach abroad teachers quickly. The system has a rich feature sets to make the recruitment process easier.

Hiring Channels and Funnels

We will source the hiring channels for you, so no need to worry about posting the same job positions all over the places.

We have our dedicated and curated recruiting and social media channels, including 70,000+ members in a single Facebook group we managed, other breakaways FB groups, Twitter, LinkedIn, job boards, OETJobs.com, Medium, etc.

Oakary typically collaborates with education companies by hires teachers based on the agency model but also performs general advertisement as well. 

Key Features
  • Advanced filtering – teacher qualifications, degree, subjects, teaching credential, preferences, hours, etc

  • In-App Messaging – allow you to communicate with the teachers directly using email and message templates instead of re-entering the same messages over and over.

  • Customizable hiring stage – new leads, interview in process, final decision make the hiring process clear

  • Automated notification – notify the teachers about their hiring status and missed messages. 

Class and Course Management System
Basic Classroom Management Features
  • Class booking, course management, and homework distribution

  • Student management – courses enrolled, ongoing, learning status, etc

  • Teacher management – teacher schedule, capacity, skillset, etc 

  • Video conferencing tool – Zoom integration or other similar alternatives

  • Admin console for the business operation

  • Homework and course materials distribution

  • The web app optimized for the computer browser and mobile.

Advanced Features
  • Customer support and sales role and management

  • Group chat

  • Group class

  • Homework assignment

    • Digitalized homework for the easier grading process - make the grading and practicing more efficient by allowing multiple-choice, true, and false questions on the device instead of in the paper form. 

    • OCR - Convert handwritten homework text to digitized text.

  • Teacher training

  • An automated text and email notification system

    • Class time reminder for students and teachers

    • Payment updates

    • System announcement

    • The marketing campaign to selected target groups

  • Couse Payment and Salary Integration

  • Whiteboard 

  • Native mobile app (iOS and Android)

  • The multilingual system in English, Chinese, Spanish, or other languages

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